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Which country is best at making motorcycles?

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Visordown just started an online poll, asking the question  "which country is best at making motorcycles"?

Japan        52%

Italy           17%

UK              9%

Germany    8%

Austria        4%

No surprise that Japan is ranking at the top with 52%, giving the wide range of choice of available machinery and the build quality.

Italy follows second with 17%, thus supporting a trend that goes in one direction for a number of years now. The design and level of innovation was always stunning but Ducati & Co also improved the build quality a lot. Italian bikes are cool and reliable and Aprilia and Ducati are now premier products which is reflected in new and used prices.

The UK is following on third place with 9% and Germany with 8% respectively, probably thanks mainly to Triumph and BMW.

Austria follows on fourth place with 4, thanks to KTM which has many more fans in mainland Europe, but also managed to make inroads here in the UK in recent years. KTM has a decent model range and intends to design and manufacture more small capacity bikes. Since 2008 KTM is in a joint venture with Bajaj, India. They plan to jointly develop new 125cc and 200cc bikes for Europe and the Far East.

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